Ice Hockey Pads

Ice hockey pads are required for the sport of ice hockey and are incredibly helpful in minimizing injury to allow for a good play of the game. Everyone play ice hockey with pads and all leagues require their use. There are many components to hockey pads and the performance of each of them should be considered before their use and purchase.

The main goal of pads is protect the bones and joints of the ice hockey player. Hockey is a very active and fun sport but it can be very dangerous. Because of the skates and the ice, the player move at very high speed and tend to impact with the wall, the ice, and other players. This sets up the situation for a potential injury very quickly. Pads can be warn to protect from injury. The pads are strategically placed on the body at locations that are prone to injury. These tend to be all of the joint and exposed areas of the arms and legs. The center of the body, around the abdomen, is normally the only place that does not have a large pad over it. This is because it would severely limit the movement of the player if a pad was placed there.

Ice hockey leg pads are always worn and tend to get the most use, besides gloves. These leg pads protect the shins from damage and also protect the knees. The knees tend to take an excessive beating throughout at game because when a person falls, they tend to land on their knee. Therefore, ice hockey leg padding needs to have a lot of material on the knees to prevent injury. These materials are normally cloth and foam that are covered with a plastic. The plastic can rub along the walls or ice and not be worn out while the cloth and foam are comfortable against the skin.

Some of the players wear specific pads that help them with their position. The goalie is the player who protects the net and since he is front of the goal, gets a lot of puck shot at him or her. Because of this, the goalie needs to have special ice hockey goalie pads for their legs as well as chest and arms. The ice hockey goalie pads need to be designed to absorb the impact of a puck flying at high speed right at the pad. This could severely injure a person who was not wearing pads, so the goalie pads need to excess cushioning to make sure they function well. The goalies also wear a full chest shield and have a different mask and gloves that allow them to block and catch the puck. Other players do not have a full face mask, a requirement for goalies.

With proper equipment, ice hockey can be a very fun and exciting sport. Ice hockey pads are required to play and allow the game to be safe and prevent people from getting injured when they play.

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